IFS Center of Excellence

What is IFS Center of Excellence?

IFS Center of Excellence was created as a current, quick support for users of IFS Applications. It’s primarily:

IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • interactive remote support service for users of IFS Applications, in solving problems that arise during the current operation of the system in telephone channels, via internet communicators, e-mail,
  • complementing standard maintenance services for the IFS Applications system through the possibility of using support not included on the manufacturer’s website,
  • solving problems of users, also those who do not qualify for reporting to the manufacturer’s website,
  • support in the daily use of IFS Applications, regardless of the version used,
  • thanks to faster response to problems and their solving, significant increase in the value of the IFS Applications system used, with simultaneous reduction of service costs and support of internal IT departments,

A team of top-class, highly qualified IFS Applications specialists are dedicated to cooperation with the clients of IFS Center of Excellence, who will answer any problem and need in the field of this system and train users how to use it optimally.

The scope of services provided as part of the IFS Center of Excellence

Below is a detailed scope of services provided as part of the IFS Center of Excellence along with the benefits of using it:

IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • support in implementing standard system updates provided by the manufacturer
  • support in the implementation of system updates / modifications related to legal changes
  • providing assistance and consultancy regarding the implementation of updates to standard versions of the system – the customer receives support in the process of installing the required changes, their configuration and tests of new functionalities, as well as support related to training of users who will use these functionalities


  • faster and more efficient update process and application downtime reduction
  • secure upgrade process
  • ensuring proper functional use of introduced changes
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence

Support for end users in solving work-related events in IFS Applications for the version from 2003 to the latest, in its various modules and areas.

Select your preferred support areas within IFS Center of Excellence. You can choose end-user support in the following areas:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Production
  • Repairs
  • Distribution
  • WMS
  • HR and payroll
  • CRM
  • Contact Center
  • System administration
  • InfoLeasing
  • InfoBilling
  • InfoReports


  • maintaining a high level of efficiency in implementing customer business processes
  • minimizing costly application downtime
  • quick and flexible access to knowledge and skills of local and international IFS Applications field experts
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • assistance in adapting the system to the client’s specific requirements using standard system functionalities
  • support in the design and implementation of definable system elements such as quick reports, dedicated reports, custom fields, etc.
  • matching the system in terms of and capabilities available as part of the standard functions of the IFS Applications system
  • support in using the system’s parameterization capabilities
  • help in adjusting the configurable system functionalities to the individual needs of the customer
  • analysis of parameterization used so far, development of possible changes, assistance in their application taking into account the current needs of the customer / user
  • preparing patches and modifications of the system functionality after providing the Customer with appropriate access and rights – based on individual arrangements with the Customer


  • a system tailored to the user’s individual needs
  • reducing the cost of system customization
  • extending the functional capabilities of the system
  • optimizing the basic functionality of the system by key acquisition
  • users skills of system operation and parameterization
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • administration of system user accounts (adding, removing, modifying settings, etc.)
  • management of specific user rights in the system according to established principles in the organization
  • support for leading users in assigning and changing permissions in business process flows


  • high security of business processes based on IFS Applications
  • ensuring separation of obligations and transparency in user activities
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • support in determining needs and preparing hand-drawn reports from IFS Applications.
  • verification of their operation correctness taking into account system conditions.


  • effective use of business information contained in the system,
  • adapting the system to the individual needs of the user
  • extending the functional capabilities of the application
  • developing analytical system functions
  • reducing the costs of using the system by using standard functionalities
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence

Workshops and dedicated instructions for IFS Applications users in the areas of:

  • proper use of daily functionalities of the system
  • implementation of business processes in the application
  • interpretation of system behavior
  • solve frequent functional problems in individual modules and between modules
  • changes in applications appearing in new updates provided by the IFS Applications software manufacturer
  • changes in IFS Applications related to new legal regulations


  • increasing the efficiency of operations in the company by improving skills in the efficient use of IFS Applications
  • eliminating the effects of user errors resulting from improper use of the system and ignorance of changes in IFS Applications
  • ensuring replacement and continuity of work in the event of staff turnover
IFS Applications, IFS Center of Excellence
  • verification of system operation correctness
  • backing up and restoring the system
  • uploading certain patches to the system
  • system log analysis
  • performance audit and database tuning
  • support for IT teams in administrative tasks such as:
    • supervision over IFS Applications business continuity and support in restoring business continuity after a disaster
    • operation and system reviews in accordance with the manufacturer’s documentation
  • error evaluation and representing the client in conversations with the producer


  • ensuring business continuity of IFS Applications
  • data security (including personal data)
  • reducing the system’s susceptibility to emergency situations

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