Electronic employee panel

Application supporting remote employee’s service

eOP Application – electronic Employee Service developed by experts of FinCode for the purpose of customers of ABS InfoConsulting, eliminates problems connected with supplying employees with paper documents in a traditional way.

It allows for distribution of documents such as PIT11 (personal income tax form), IMIR (monthly and annual information for insured person, formerly RMUA – a monthly report for insured person), payslips, and many others by means of a specially prepared tool without a necessity of hand addressing and letter sending

The biggest advantages of eOP application will be gained by organizations of decentralized character. This application is especially useful if the employees are dispersed.

Benefits from implementation of Electronic Employee Panel

  • Improvement of the quality of communication with employees – the application enables to activate the electronic communication channel and guarantees avoidance of difficulties connected with changes of correspondence addresses
  • Data security –eOP ensures security during exchange of confidential payroll and personnel information
  • Savings – the application allows to eliminate distribution of documents by certified letters and handling returns service
  • Constant monitoring of documentation workflow – the system enables a current tracing of document distribution.
  • Modern and safe mechanisms of integration with different ERP systems
  • Guarantee of complying with the security policy of the company
  • Possibility of later development of the platform of electronic communication with employees
  • Optimization and responsiveness – application adapted to various browsers including mobile devices.

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