ERP implementation

The ERP system is a tool that improves an organization’s operation and introduces innovation in its functioning. The implemented ERP class system enables detailed information, which is necessary for decision-making processes at various levels, to be obtained. However, in order to make the most of the possibilities that are offered by ERP software, it is necessary to adapt the solution to the overall business strategy of the company.

InfoConsulting when analysing the business processes of an enterprise finds out about the needs and expectations of a client. Our experts develop an optimal solution that becomes the basis for the implementation of the ERP class system. During the process of analysis and consultation, we provide advice to clients and ensure that they receive exactly what they need.

We are a leading European IFS partner. We use, among other things, standard IFS Applications ™ packages that have been successfully verified in operation in over 2,200 installations worldwide.

Within IFS Applications ™, we offer comprehensive solutions – from the preparation of business needs analysis and license delivery, through implementation and training services, delivery of a hardware platform, service and support in the development of IFS Applications ™ software, to the extending of the functionality of integrated systems with specialized solutions based on RFID technologies (Radio Frequency Identification). For customers, it means cooperation with one experienced consultant and supplier who takes responsibility for the whole project.

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