The customer service to settlement of periodic payments

InfoBilling is complementary to IFS ApplicationsTM, and is designed to support the work of utility supply companies. The system supports processes related to customer service from moment of submitting an application through to the settlement of periodic payments for the delivery of utilities.

The system collects all the necessary information related to the process of acquiring a new customer, contract formalities, as well as subsequent cooperation (electronic document flow, contact history, correspondence). Through the Customer Panel, it is possible to remotely access real-time information such as payment status or the status of customer notifications. This solution improves mass settlements and billing of customers both in the field and in the office. This process can be automated based on completed settlement groups arranged according to given criteria, such route number. The system supports any number of algorithms for calculating charges based on defined tariffs. The system also supports processes associated with the management of a company’s technical infrastructure

Relating to the construction of new facilities and lines (project management) and their subsequent maintenance (repairs, maintenance and replacement of meters).

Quick access to recorded information is possible thanks to our reporting solutions – InfoReports, or the more functionally advanced InfoBI.


The benefits of using InfoBilling

More Efficient management of the customer service process:

  • Registration of information necessary to cooperate with the customer
  • Fast and precise definition of service parameters
  • Rapid activation of payments and access to current information on customer balances
  • Electronic document flow (workflow)


Efficient calculation of charges and their billing:

  • Automation of billing
  • Automation of services provided to customers
  • Self-monitoring of calculations of periodic charges for utilities
  • Ability to print invoices immediately after a reading from the terminal


In addition, the customer gains a number of benefits from the full integration of the billing system to other parts of the system, in particular in finance and accounting, repair and warehouse management.


InfoBilling is a dedicated, sector component built by InfoConsulting and is an integral part of a world-class ERP system, IFS ApplicationsTM. Together with InfoReports and InfoBI, they provide a complete solution for enterprises supplying utilities.

InfoBilling – they provide a complete solution for enterprises