Electronic employee panel

Electronic employee panel Application supporting remote employee’s service eOP Application – electronic Employee Service developed by experts of FinCode for the purpose of customers of ABS InfoConsulting, eliminates problems connected with supplying employees with paper documents in a traditional way. It allows for distribution of documents such as PIT11 (personal income tax form), IMIR (monthly..
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Remote support of the IFS Applications™ system users

Remote support of the IFS Applications™ System users Remote support of the IFS Applications™ System users InfoConsulting as a certified IFS partner in Europe, delivers projects individually, as well as actively contributes to the partner’s projects. The installed IFS Applications system, without a doubt, plays a huge role in enterprise effective management. InfoConsulting experts are..
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eBOK- electronic Customer Service

eBOK- electronic Customer Service A modern tool to improve customer service Access to Customer Service 7 days a week 24 hours a day eBOK is a modern communication channel that streamlines customer service. With this platform, the customer has the ability to inspect their own affairs by themself via the Internet. There, always current data on..
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Business Intelligence – InfoBI

InfoBI Multidimensional business analysis InfoBI is the system of data storage and analysis that facilitates companies in making correct decisions and ensures communication at the highest level. For the company to work efficiently it is necessary to include information in the system of efficient data administration. Modern management requires suitable IT tools which not only save..
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Billing for ERP – InfoBilling

InfoBilling The customer service to settlement of periodic payments InfoBilling is complementary to IFS ApplicationsTM, and is designed to support the work of utility supply companies. The system supports processes related to customer service from moment of submitting an application through to the settlement of periodic payments for the delivery of utilities. The system collects..
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Reporting in IFS – InfoReports

InfoReports Simple and intuitive way of generating reports! InfoConsulting as a certified IFS partner in Poland not only supports the cooperation and business model development but also takes care of IFS Applications product functionality improvement. InfoReports is a new product prepared by InfoConsulting as another IFS Application 8, 9 and 10 module, in order for..
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